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12 de Fevereiro de 2019
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Eugénio Costa Almeida
  EUGÉNIO LUIS DA COSTA ALMEIDA, my full name, with a BA and an MA in International Relations and since November 16, 2010 Doctorate in Social Sciences, International Relations Branch, with a dissertation under the title " A União Africana e a emergência de Estados-Directores no Continente Africano: O Caso de Angola” (The African Union and the emergence of states -Directors in Africa: The Case of Angola), under the mentoring of Professor José Adelino Maltez, by Institute of Social and Political Science, Technical University of Lisbon ISCSP-UTL (is in press to edit).
    I completed a degree in 1991 at the Lusíada University, and a Masters in February 2001 with the highest score, in the ISCSP-UTL, with a dissertation on "Fundamentalismo e Tolerância Político-Religiosa em África (impacto nas Relações Externas de Continente Africano)" (Fundamentalism and Political Tolerance-Faith in Africa (Impact on External Relations of the African continent)). He was my patron, Professor António de Sousa Lara.
    Although born in the beautiful living room of Angola, Lobito, a city of Benguela province, what happened in 1956, lived one of the best periods of my life in the city of Kianda (Luanda), where I completed secondary school and complementary. I am married with two daughters.
    Technical framework of banking, a pensioner, teacher, collaborated to open, and during his degree, with the magazine "Terra Angola", either under his own name, sometimes under the pseudonym Lobitino Almeida N'gola, I participated in many Seminars and Conferences and conferences, the last three in May 2009, Angola (Luanda, Cabinda and Lobito) under invitation of
Universidade Lusíada de Angola, in Angola. 

     I am currently registered in the FCT as researcher with the category of Assistant Researcher..
    I collaborate with some regularity in the Portuguese language news portal (as columnist since January 2007), the regional weekly Portuguese FrenteOeste and more recently in the Journal News in Semanário Angolense (Angola), the weekly Correio da Semana (STP) and Mozambican daily newspaper O Observador (PDF editing, by subscription), besides to publish opinion articles on portals such as Africa, AngoNotícias,
Also, I collaborated, through articles of opinion, with the Journal and the weekly Africa Lusófona (Africa-Hoje magazines or Africa Today) or with the Angolan reviewed the information and culture and value added events. On the other hand, some of my articles and notes are periodically published in Information Agencies and Bodies in Africa, among which the Angolan portals, Club-K, Correio Digital,and Zwela Angola, where keep an item, and in political portal Perspectiva Lusófona.
    And because we're all full of thoughts, I have two blogs: a political-social (Pululu), where all I say is in the soul, and one cultural (Malambas) where poets and storytellers have a place available and where I also publish some topics under the pseudonym Lobitino Almeida N'gola. 
    Around Christmas of 2003 was published my first book through the publisher Autonomia27 under the title “
Fundamentalismo Islâmico: A Ideologia e o Estado” (Islamic Fundamentalism: Ideology and the State).
    In late January 2005 went on sale, by the same publisher, my second essay, "
África: Projectos Políticos, Religiosos e Culturais” (Africa: Draft Political, Religious and Cultural Rights)," which had its pre-launch on December 11, 2004, at Casa de Angola, given the impact, it was necessary to make a new reprint of the first edition. 
    However, in 2009, was included in the Anthology of Poetry, published recently under the title "
Antologia de Poetas Lusófonos” (Anthology of Poets Portuguese language II), with the publication of my 5 poems, though usually under a pseudonym, and published by Editions brochure. Also in 2009, a my poem "Saudades de Angola" was inclued in the book "Angola 60-70 Saudade", a Portuguese-English bilingual edition, the publisher iPlay Sound and Image Ltd. 
   Meanwhile, in the last two years, I had the honor of being invited to preface two tests. In September 2006, the work "
Alto Hama, crónicas (diz)traídas” (Alto Hama, chronic (say) betrayed) of the Portuguese-Angolan journalist Orlando Castro, and in late 2008, the book "Dicionário de Administração Eleitoral: Organização de Eleições Democráticas, Transparentes e Livres” (Dictionary of Election Administration: Organization of Democratic Elections, Clear and Free),  of Jorge Castelo David from STP, a senior UN staff. 
    And am affiliated with, or founding member of AAECL - Association of Former Students of Commercial Luanda; ACSEL - Association of Social Scientists of the Portuguese language Space; Liáfrica - League of Friends of African and Africa (I was advisor to the Board and made part of the Commission Executive Boards of the Congress of Portuguese language) and ANPRI - National Association of Professionals in International Relations and, more recently, an effective member of the Geographical Society of Lisbon. Since 2008 I am, too, and also a member of the Centre for African Studies (CEA) ISCTE-IUL and, hence, I became an associate member of the individual African Borderlands Research Network (Aborn).
The associative level was between January 2006 and December 2010, member of the House staff of the Directorate of Angola, with responsibility for Culture and Communication has sought to carry out various cultural events and informative since January 2007, chairman of general meeting of a Cooperative Housing, and was re-elected in 2009 for the 2010-2012 period.